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Illinois Injury Attorney

At the Law Office of Keith Short, our mission is to help injured people throughout Illinois and Missouri get the financial support necessary to move forward with their lives.

Our law firm helps in every way we can, whether that means pursuing workers' compensation for a workplace accident victim, compensation for a personal injury victim, Social Security benefits for a disabled person or all of the above. If you or a loved one has been injured, we will make certain that no opportunity is missed to maximize your financial recovery.

One-on-One Attention in Every Case

We understand that you are facing one of the most challenging times in your life. Not only do you have physical pain to deal with, but you also have the stress of lost wages and medical bills. We are here to relieve as much stress as possible, as soon as possible.

When you retain us, you will have an experienced lawyer on your side and access to our resources whenever you need them. Your questions will be answered, your concerns will be addressed and you will remain updated about the progress of your case. We will do whatever we can to help you with your:

We have decades of experience on our side. Over the years, our attorney has built an impressive record of success. Learn more about our settlements and verdicts.

Contact Our Illinois Social Security Disability Attorney: Free Consultations

The sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner we can begin pursuing the money you need. To discuss your case with our Edwardsville workers' compensation and personal injury attorney, call us at 618-254-0055, toll free at 800-421-0960, or send us an e-mail.

All workplace accident, personal injury and Social Security cases are handled on a contingency basis. You do not have to pay any attorneys fees unless we get you the money you need.



Law Office of Keith Short wins for worker. In what might be the first time in the history of Illinois Workers' Compensation, an employee has been awarded the cost of bariatric weight loss surgery as a basis for evaluating and treating his underlying spine injury. For more information, or to determine if you might be eligible under your workers' compensation claim, call us at 618-254-0055.

Settlements & Verdicts
  • February 2014, Keith Short recently settled a car accident case set for trial in St Louis city court. The defendant denied he was responsible for our client's shoulder injury. After deposition examination of the defendant by Keith Short, the insurance company decided to settle for $68,000.00. A long battle, but well worth the figh.
  • January 2014, Keith Short settles workers' compensation act claim for $125,000.00 and payment of an additional $110,000 in medical bills.
  • December 2013,Keith Short successfully represents couple injured in a car accident. Insurance company for the defendant agrees to pay policy limits.
  • November 2013, Keith Short successfully arbitrates an injured driver's claim against her own insurance company for the full value of the underinsured policy.
  • November 2013,Keith Short settles car accident case for $100,000.00 Full policy limits for both the defendant and the plaintiff's underinsurance policy.
  • October 2013,Keith Short settles a medicalmalpractice case for an undisclosed amount alleging failure to warn of side effects of medications. Permanent eye injury.
  • October, 2013: Keith Short and Zach Pashea win automobile accident jury trial for $30,000.
  • July 2013, Keith Short settles car accident case for $75,000.00 in Williamson County, Illinois
  • July, 2013: Keith Short settled an automobile accident lawsuit for $100,000.
  • May, 2013: Workers' Compensation case settled for $112,000.
  • February, 2013: Workers' Compensation claim settled for $125,000.
  • December, 2012: Workers' Compensation claim settled for $112,000.
  • November, 2012: Keith Short settled a Premises Liability lawsuit for $575,000.
  • October, 2012: Keith Short settled an autombile accident claim for $375,000.
  • August, 2012: Workers' Compensation case settled for $180,000.
  • April, 2012: Keith Short settled a Medical Malpractice case involving an eye.
  • April, 2012: Keith Short got the State of Illinois to accept Worker's Death claim as compensable. Because of this a widow will reieve 25 years of benefits or $500,000, whichever is greater.
  • April, 2012: Keith Short settled a Workers' Compensation claim for $250,000.
  • March, 2012: Keith Short settled a Medical Malpractice claim for $135,000.
  • March, 2012: Automobile accident claim settled for $135,000.
  • March, 2012: Automobile accident case settled for $100,000.
  • February, 2012: Personal injury lawsuit settled for $200,000 for a woman who was injured while usuing public transportation.
  • December, 2011: Missouri automobile accident settled for $140,000.
  • August, 2011: Workers' Compensation case settled for $225,000.
  • June, 2011: Workers' Compensation case settled for $125,000.
  • June, 2011: Automobile accident claim settled for $130,000.
  • March, 2011: Workers' Compensation claim settled for $150,000.
  • January, 2011: Keith Short settled a Personal Injury/Workers' Compensation claim for an injured construction worker for $225,000.
  • October, 2010: Auto accident trial resulted in the jury awarding Keith Short's client with $175,000.
  • May, 2010: Keith Short settled a Workers' Compensation case for $500,000 in addition to a fund that will pay for all future medical expenses. This is the first ti8me PArkinson's disease has been tied to exposure to welding fumes at work.
  • February, 2010: Workers' Compensation case settled for $190,000 in addition to $240,000 in medical bills and $38,000 for future medical expenses.
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